First-Class Care in Lansdowne From Assisted Living Professionals

From comfortable living arrangements and nutritious dining services to versatile social activities and therapeutic forms of recreation, Poet’s Walk Lansdowne redefines what it means to reside in a senior care facility. Backed by a team that takes a personalized approach to memory care, we help our residents continue leading the lives they love.

Every member of our assisted living team, from memory doctors and nurses to social workers and therapists, adhere to the same C.A.R.E. Standards, designed to ensure that every resident has the level of care and attention they require. These C.A.R.E. Standards, combined with senior-centric features and amenities, create an environment that not only supports a more independent lifestyle, but also one of enjoyment.



A Holistic Approach to Senior Memory Care

As with each assisted living facility within the Spring Hills Senior Community, Poet’s Walk Lansdowne takes a holistic approach to memory care. Not only do we utilize innovative memory care techniques and technology, but also alternative methods that support physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Understanding of how important it is for seniors to maintain the life they’ve already established, we happily accommodate furry friends through our PAW Program, as well as host ongoing events that include family and friends.

We invite you to learn more about our memory care facility in Lansdowne by contacting us here or requesting additional information.

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