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I very highly recommend this place.  The care and attention mom gets is undeniable.  Not only health-wise, but caring for her as a person, along with having the in-house doctor is such a Blessing.

I am impressed by the professionalism of the staff; a huge improvement over her previous situation. This staff has greatly reduced my stress level.

I recently moved Dad to Poet’s Walk. In my opinion, the memory care facility where he was living is going downhill due to bad management and he was not getting good care. He was declining to the point of not being able to speak in completed sentences and stayed confused. I know this is part of this terrible illness but like I said, he was not getting good care. My advice…stay cautious of “good deals”. The staff at Poet’s Walk is remarkable. The change in my father’s behavior is amazing for such a short time that he has been there. The activity director keeps my father and the others engaged in constant conversation and activity. The food is homemade, fresh and delicious. The facility is clean and beautiful. There is an onsite nurse 24/7. There is a social worker on staff to make sure Dad is acclimated and also for my needs as a caregiver. The executive director believes in positive constructive management to bring the best performance from staff. The whole team has their sleeves rolled up with one purpose…my father’s best interest. I did not take moving my father to a new facility lightly and today I can say Poet’s Walk is the best decision I have made in a long time. This is a slow downhill road and I believe Poet’s Walk will be with my father and I to make this journey as enjoyable and peaceful as can be expected.

My mother is a new resident at the Gordon Sheldon Blvd / Fredericksburg location – wonderful experience for mom so far; hats off to the staff – I love Ms. Sandy at concierges; Ms. Janet our Ambassador – go above and beyond. The care providers that tend to my mother; the nurses and Ms. Michelle in the dining room. Excellent staff my friends; these folks (all of them) are what makes this place.

I made it in! This is so cool. Today I saw him working a puzzle, painting a picture and interacting with others more than he has in a long, long, time! The change in 2 days is amazing. His days are busy and he has purpose. I was so anxious that the change would be too much for him and it has turned out to be the best thing that could happen. The staff is highly trained and this is a true calling and not just a job. They have not only been wonderful to Dad but also to me. My stress is fading away and I can relax knowing that Dad is in very good care!

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident: We were quite impressed with Poet’s Walk San Antonio. I’ve been getting reports on what kinds of activities he’s been doing, and they have a website that I can go to and I can see exactly what his schedule had been. They also take pictures of him during the day and pictures of things going on. They also make great use of technology, so they have a monitoring system in the bedrooms so that if he starts trying to get out of bed, they’d know immediately because of motion detectors in the room. Also, all of the nurses and the aides carry a tablet with them where all of the medications are recorded in the computer immediately. Anything that happens with him gets reported into the tablet immediately, and if a nurse or aide is not really familiar with him, they can look him up and see what sorts of things soothe him so we were very impressed with that. We already knew some of the people who are going to work with him there because we’ve worked with them before. It’s a very nice facility, and the staffing levels were designed to be better. It’s a brand new place and the people we knew are people we’ve had great confidence in before and we already had experience with them and my father really liked them and they seemed to really care about him. It’s an exclusive Alzheimer’s unit, and one of the things I was impressed by was that they had a lot of materials for them to work with, and these are not just laminated paper cut-outs that the nurses had made but proper manipulatives and puzzles that clearly had been bought purposefully and an investment has been made to stimulate their minds. All patients have an iPod with their favorite music on it, and they do music therapy every day.

This brand-new memory care facility is cheery, open and beautifully furnished. The administration and staff are empathetic, caring, giving and considerate of both resident and family. My brother-in-law was placed in Poets Walk by my sister the 5th of December – the first day it was officially in operation. It was necessary to move him from another memory care facility because they were understaffed and unable to offer him either freedom of movement or a program that could keep him engaged in activities he enjoys. Poets Walk offers everything you could wish for to your loved one. Do yourself a favor and visit this beautiful home where everyone treats you and your loved one like family before you decide on any other placement. We live 39 miles away and the peace of mind we feel is well worth the drive. Truthfully we look forward to each and every visit. When one of the staff members told him how pleased they were to welcome him there, our Al responded, “I’ve always lived here.”

Adequate staffing patterns 24/7, cross trained staff 24/7, full-time family relationships staff, social workers, treat family as partners in resident care. Just the fact you are soliciting feedback puts this community in a class of its own. I’m beyond happy with the care my spouse is receiving. I get to be the wife while I know he has ‘excellent’ caregivers. Thank you!

The training for the staff shows through in the ways they personalize and care for the residents. The ways that they talk to my dad have encouraged him to participate in activities and feel at home. The facility is new & lovely, but it is the people who work at Poet’s Walk, Round Rock TX that make it the place we trust with our loved one.

Ms. Ortiz, -Afternoon!  Hope this email finds you well. I have been meaning to sit down and write to you for quite some time now.   Just wanted to personally let you know what an asset your staff at Poet’s Walk of Round Rock is.My mother moved into your facility on Nov. 1st of this year from another facility. My mother has gone thru several trials and tribulations regarding care.  In the first week, your staff (Odette,LVN), was quick and sharp enough to assess that my mother was having blood in her stools.  We took my mother to the ER.  As things progressed, it was found that she had a very large bleeding ulcer up against an artery.  The surgeon said that who ever noted this, saved my mother’s life. While my mother was in the hospital, several members of your staff (Jocquel,Phyllis and Rebecca)took the time to visit her and reassure her that she had friends and family who cared and were waiting for her return to Poet’s Walk, Round Rock.  Since her return back to Poet’s Walk,  the staff has been so patient and sincere with there kindness to help her recoup.  I certainly do not want to forget anyone, but here goes:  Krystal, Janelle, Donchita, Janice, Lena, Lorrin, Stacy, Eric, Jodi, Kaylee, Amber, Courtney, Janice, David, Gay Lynn, Dylan, Art, Arturro, Lisa and Chefy!!!  Can’t forget Broodie, too! I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone :(. I can not express how grateful I am for the staff at Poet’s Walk, Round Rock. Each and everyone on staff does there job with their heart in it. They have done so many things for our family and my mother to help her transition go smoothly.  I can honestly say that the staff has given me my life back…I no longer feel as thou I have to check on my mom daily.  I know that my mother is getting the very best care she could ever get.  I truly believe that.