The Memory Care Facility that’s More Like Home

Creating Memorable Moments for Every Resident

There are plenty of assisted living facilities to choose from, but how many specialize in memory care? If you’re searching for the right place for your loved one, be sure to explore Poet’s Walk. In addition to tranquil, modern facilities and competent medical care, we offer a holistic approach that enables our residents to flourish.

One thing that sets us apart is our Signature Touches. Our holistic philosophy is dedicated to the wellbeing of each of our residents. From writing and gardening workshops to special events, exercise and fine dining, this program lets us customize your loved one’s experience so they continue enjoying everything that life has to offer. Poet’s Walk goes beyond simply being a residence with top-notch amenities. Our programs emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection—and that’s where Poet’s Walk really shines.

Additionally, our Signature Trends help to seamlessly gather data so we can provide even better care to your loved one. This includes Trending Technology – our remote monitoring technology that allows us to track daily activity patterns and detect changes in behavior that can signal a health change. This Signature Trend gives a voice to our residents who may not be able to communicate how they feel. It alerts our team to proactively respond and intervene as needed.

In our Spring Cottage Memory Care Environments, we empower our residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to live with dignity. We took a proactive, supportive approach to care by investing in a discreet and passive remote monitoring technology powered by Healthsense®. This advanced system:

  • Establishes a baseline of normal, daily, activity patterns.
  • Identifies changes in behavior that may indicate a change in health.
  • Provides precise data.
  • Can help reduce emergency room and hospital visits.
  • Provides peace of mind.

The data collected with this system becomes the “voice” of our resident with memory loss, who otherwise may not be able to communicate subtle changes they may be experiencing. Like the saying, “wallflowers are only shy until they are asked to dance.” Our residents with memory loss can be engaged if we have more tools to prompt the right conversation. By reviewing the data daily, our nurses and Care Partners, can intervene when they see changes and can prevent situations from getting serious. We provide these proactive and preventive measures to give residents’ family and friends peace of mind.

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