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Stay on top of everything that’s happening at Poet’s Walk, a leading memory care assisted living facility with locations throughout Texas and Nevada. From therapeutic activities for elderly residents to news on the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, this blog offers a wealth of information for residents and their loved ones.

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Getting to Know the Family Members in Our Care

Making the decision to place a senior into assisted living, memory care, home care, or post-acute care can be a huge decision for all parties involved, including the family members. With that, comes a huge importance to include the family members in our discovery process to assist us in finding out more information about their loved ones.

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Art Therapy Improves Mental Health

Post-holiday depression is very common in older adults. One way to help ease their feelings of anxiety and depression is by incorporating an art therapy program to help intrigue the mind, engage the body and inspire the spirit.

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What is Pulmonary Specialty Care?

The pulmonary system affects the functionality of the lungs. There are a variety of conditions that would require the care of a pulmonary specialist. While this can be a scary time for the patient and their loved ones, all involved can rest assured that pulmonologists are certified and specially trained.

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What is Ventilation Management?

A ventilator is a tool used mostly in hospital settings, which supports breathing for those who have difficulty doing it themselves. They provide a variety of functions that our body needs to survive including the insertion of oxygen into the lungs and the removal of carbon dioxide from the body.

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Five Reasons Employees Should be Encouraged to Conduct Self-Evaluations

Today’s employee wants to take charge of their own career. A good way to keep workers engaged at their current role is to offer self-evaluation opportunities for their annual or bi-annual reviews. This allows them to take control of the conversation and creates a more open discussion, as opposed to a one-sided one.

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Has Your Senior Loved One Changed?

As we move into the holiday season, families and friends come together for holiday events and gatherings to savor these wonderful moments. For seniors, aging can bring many changes to their personalities and behaviors, making their experience of the holidays far from enjoyable.

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What is Long-term Care?

Those who need long-term care are often people living with chronic health problems that affect their ability to perform everyday activities.

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