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Making Hospital Transitions Safe and Easy

One fact remains clear about this pandemic. COVID-19 has the highest mortality rate for senior citizens and those with underlying health conditions. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that people who have had to be hospitalized feel confident when they are discharged to the next phase of their road to recovery.

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Testimonial from a Family Member

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for all you do, especially during this pandemic and all that has added to your load. Your compassion and care is as always, obvious and I am thankful the Lord clearly shut the doors back in January to move mom to Dallas…although I

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Adjusting to Change Across the Continuum of Care

Healthcare, across the continuum has been forced to make decisive actions to adapt their care and operations to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Senior living, in relation to assisted living, memory care, post-acute care or even home care services, are creating a “new normal.”

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Ensuring Our Staff Has Training & Development Opportunities

In today’s healthcare industry, it is paramount to make sure that all of our staff is offered a variety of training and development opportunities to ensure the optimal care is provided across our continuum of care. At our company, we are proud to offer a variety of programs for our staff to help foster professional development. Here are some of the ways that we do that.

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The Importance of Engaging Activities in Healthcare

As senior living companies continue to adapt to new methods of caring during COVID-19, it is important to continue to keep the seniors engaged to move the body, intrigue the mind and inspire the spirit with a robust recreation program.

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Words of Wisdom from Our Seniors for a Happy Mind

Even through such difficult times, the people we care for never cease to amaze us. We have been sharing words of wisdom on our social media with direct quotes from the seniors on a weekly basis. The sense of accomplishment and pride it gives to our seniors has been invaluable to their mental health to share some of these quotes they have crafted from their years.

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The Benefits of a Career in Caring for the Mind, Body and Soul

Now more than ever, healthcare workers of all varieties are getting in touch with the very core of why they wanted to pursue a career in caring for others. In senior living especially, when working with the population most in need of assistance, it is important to discuss the benefits that caring for others can have on your mind, body and soul.

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Defining How We Care for Your Loved One

For over two decades, we have lived by our dedication to Caring with a Commitment to Quality for you and your loved one. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused senior living locations to redefine certain methods of how we are able to do that, but our motto still remains the cornerstone of our approach.

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We Are Strong against COVID-19

This pandemic has been a huge struggle for everyone, but it has been especially worrisome for senior citizens and senior living communities that are entrusted with caring for them, such as assisted living, memory care or post-acute care. As part of our commitment to transparency and quality care, here are a few of the ways that we continue to remain strong against COVID-19 and keep your loved ones healthy and safe.

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