Medication Administration to Support Assisted Living

Medication Administration for Memory CareProperly managing medication administration can be one of the biggest challenges for those caring for an aging loved one, especially if that elderly adult is also undergoing memory care. Thankfully, innovations in medical systems today make it much simpler to make sure that your elderly relatives are getting the care and medication that they need to thrive.

At Poet’s Walk, we have created our Signature Trends program, which utilizes current technology to make sure that medication is administered seamlessly and in ways that best serve our residents. We use Electronic Medication Administration Records, or eMAR, which gives our caregivers all of the necessary tools to ensure that our residents are taking their prescriptions appropriately. With this technological innovation, our team is able to focus on their highest priority: caring for your loved one at a personal level.

PointClickCare for Memory Care Assisted Living Medical Administration

Our private home and assisted living caregivers utilize our PointClickCare system, which uses the benefits of eMAR, and makes the caregivers available to be more personally present with patients. This technology allows caregivers to:

  • Track documentation electronically, which is both simpler and reduces errors
  • Make sure that residents are taking their prescriptions accurately and on-time
  • Give all health care providers real-time updates on patients
  • Focus less time on documenting daily activities and more time on spending time with residents

Our PointClickCare system allows vital signs, medication administration, and other observations, to be recorded in just a few simple steps, making information easily available to the appropriate health care providers and caregivers. We are then able to gain greater insight into our residents’ overall health, which also allows us to improve our level of care substantially. With this technology, we have the ability to identify and manage concerns before they escalate, including urinary tract infections or respiratory concerns.

Enhancing Memory Care Procedures with Technology

EMAR empowers our caregivers to focus their energy on interacting with Poet Walk’s residents, building connections and relationships that allow us to better understand our residents and their needs. For our memory care residents, PointClickCare is even more crucial, as these patients often struggle to keep track of their prescriptions or health history. To put it simply, this system offers profound advantages for caregivers at all levels, but particularly for our senior residents. By using the latest innovations in medical technology, we are able to make sure these elderly adults enjoy their sunset years.

To learn more about your loved one’s health, or to find out more about medication administration, and how technology is used in our assisted living memory care communities, please contact us.