Brain Games for Seniors to Support Cognitive Health

The memory care program at Poet’s Walk encompasses a number of holistic therapies, incorporating engaging activities like “brain games” to improve memory and cognition. Through our many years of providing quality senior care, we have found the members of our community enjoy these activities, which not only work the brain but also serve as an excellent socialization opportunity.

What Are Brain Games and How Do They Improve Cognition?

Like muscles, brain cells degenerate when the brain doesn’t receive constant stimulation. “Brain games” provide mental stimulation and help to retain a person’s cognitive skills – and sometimes improve them.

A “brain game” is an activity that makes someone think. This could be in the form of developing strategy, using memory, quick thinking, or other cognitive assessments. Players could be asked to categorize things, solve problems, concentrate, and communicate. Best of all, playing brain games is a wonderful way to interact with others, another way for seniors to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Senior-Friendly Brain Games

With such a broad definition of “brain game”, most games and activities have some mental component, but we have noticed the following to be quite popular among our senior residents:

  • Puzzles – Sudoku has been a craze in recent years and requires players to process information and problem solve. Crosswords of all different subjects are great for keeping up with events and people in the world, as well as to maintain vocabulary. Even doing a regular puzzle requires logical deduction and shape recognition.
  • Board Games – Games like Monopoly work memory, math, and basic strategy, while games like Clue require deductive logic. Trivia games can be a great way to jog the memory as well as to share some stories with other players. The best part about board games is that they require more than one player, which allows for socialization.
  • Card Games – Memory is usually a requirement in any card games, as well as shape and color differentiation. Card games can also challenge the brain. Games like Poker require strategy and people reading, as well as good communication. Similarly, games like Hearts require strategizing and planning contingencies. Something as basic as Solitaire requires categorization and pattern recognition.

Dedicated Memory Care from Qualified Senior Care Providers

The exceptional caregivers at each of our Poet’s Walk senior care facilities are dedicated to providing memory care and cognitive stimulation to those within our community. Often, our caregivers will join in on the fun, helping to create stronger bonds. This is just one part of our holistic approach to senior care that we’re thrilled to offer!

Contact us to find out what memory care activities we offer our clients, or if you have any questions about improving cognitive function in seniors.