Managing Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly

Did you know that cardiovascular disease in the elderly is the most common cause of fatality among seniors worldwide? If your loved one has pulmonary disease, hypertension, or another cardiovascular condition, finding a high-quality assisted living facility that offers a comprehensive senior rehabilitation program is crucial.

At Poet’s Walk, we offer a cardiovascular health program that is designed to help our residents maintain optimal health and wellness. This program is comprised of educational resources, heart-healthy meal plans, and fitness programs tailored to the needs of each patient. Through these efforts, our team of caregivers and staff are able to ensure that every patient receives the level of care they deserve.

Senior Rehabilitation Programs to Support Heart Health

Senior living communities play a significant role in tackling cardiovascular disease in the elderly. At Poet’s Walk, we offer several different types of assistance, designed to support both those entering rehabilitation and those who are returning home after a cardiac episode.  Every member of the Poet’s Walk family can take advantage of the following services:

  • Home Assessments and Recommendations—As a part of our program, a qualified member of our team is available to visit a patient’s home or living environment to assess its overall health and safety. Through this assessment, the professional will advise on any changes that may be made to help your loved one recover, such as fall prevention.
  • Assistance with Establishing an Exercise Program—Exercise is crucial to the success of any cardiovascular program. Through our cardiac health program, we’ll make sure your loved one receives the right strength and balance training programs, suited to their needs and medical concerns.
  • Access to Necessary Medical Technology and Care—Our unique Signature Trends provide residents with access to the latest medical equipment and innovations. Through daily activity monitoring, medication administration assistance, and proper activity monitoring, we are able to intervene before an accident may happen and can ensure that patients have the exact level of care and attention they need.
  • Heart-Healthy Meal Planning—Dietary adjustments are necessary for those suffering from coronary heart disease or cardiac problems. We work with nutritionists and members of the family to plan individualized heart-healthy meal plan for each patient.

Maintaining Cardiac Health with Poet’s Walk

Cardiovascular care is an important part of the Poet’s Walk offerings, available to our memory care assisted living residents. Our expert team is available to work with each and every member of our family, as well as those that love them most, to ensure they lead the lives they’ve always loved.

Don’t let heart disease stand in the way of your loved one. Contact Poet’s Walk today to discuss the finer details of our cardiovascular health program or call the memory care assisted living facility nearest you.