Senior Care Services for Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson's Disease Management for SeniorsA disorder of the brain, Parkinson’s is a scary condition, marked by tremors, stiffness, and a loss of balance and coordination. Along with these symptoms, many go through changes of behavior, mental health problems, sleep problems, fatigue, depression, and difficulties with memory. It comes to no surprise that often, the disease negatively impacts every area of life, from everyday tasks to recreational activities.

It can be devastating to find out that your parent or loved one has developed Parkinson’s Disease. Providing hope and care for those suffering from Parkinson’s, Poet’s Walk is proud to provide dedicated care and attention, helping to manage its symptoms and educate seniors and their families on proper care methods.

Care and Management for Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

At Poet’s Walk, it’s not just about physical wellness, but also mental and spiritual wellness. This holistic philosophy is the backbone of our programs, including our Parkinson’s Wellness Program. Through this program, home care recipients have access to:

  • An experienced team of caregivers knowledgeable about Parkinson’s progression and its management – these caregivers assess the senior’s environment and recommend appropriate adaptations if any are needed, as well as provide care for daily routines and activities, such as meals, dressing, and hygiene;
  • Customized exercise programs focused on the particular needs of clients, such as pain management and improving balance and mobility;
  • Ongoing remote monitoring through the innovate care technology of our Signature Trends program.
  • Educational resources for dealing with symptoms of Parkinson’s – such as fatigue or loss of balance;
  • Encouragement and tools for maintaining independence; and
  • An array of ongoing programs, such as art classes and social events.

The wellness team also provides useful information and tips for family members of Parkinson’s sufferers.

Dedicated Attention from Qualified Parkinson’s Disease Caregivers

The dedicated Parkinson’s Wellness Program is committed to helping seniors manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Through a combination of personalized exercise regimen, assistance with daily tasks, and keeping an active body and mind with ongoing programs, managing the disease is a little bit easier.

Contact Poet’s Walk for more information about our wellness programs or to discuss the unique needs of your loved one.