Easy Exercises for Seniors to Increase Health & Wellness

As we age, it is more and more important to stay fit with regular exercise. Some seniors are understandably intimidated; they may have physical limitations or fear possible injury. Thankfully, there are many easy and fun exercises for seniors, and adult assisted living communities such as Poet’s Walk offer fitness classes and exercise programs tailored to the capabilities of our assisted living residents.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

Simple Exercise Routines for SeniorsBy improving the body’s strength, balance, and flexibility, regular exercise is able to assist in continued mobility, a concern that many seniors face. It also helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and many other common health concerns faced by the elderly.

Staying physically active also has mental and emotional benefits. Many seniors – especially those receiving memory care, experience difficulties sleeping properly. Regular light exercise can help them achieve deep, restful sleep. Exercise is also good for depression and anxiety, improving mood, and building confidence. All of these benefits help seniors maintain their independence and happiness.

Easy Assisted Living Exercise Programs For Seniors

Fortunately, there are a variety of balance and strength exercises for older adults that can be done almost anytime and anywhere. At Poet’s Walk memory care communities, exercise classes even provide social opportunities. Here are a few examples of fun and simple exercises your loved one can participate in as an assisted living resident:

  • Senior Chair Exercises: Chair exercises aim to strengthen the different muscle groups vital for maintaining the body’s mobility. Through simple, repetitive movements like toe taps and shoulder rolls, seniors can engage in low-impact exercises suitable for their mobility levels.
  • Yoga & Tai Chi For Seniors: Yoga and Tai Chi are great for every fitness level and are excellent for balance and flexibility. Because there is a meditative element to both activities, they are beneficial for memory, concentration, and mental functioning.
  • Stretching Exercises For Seniors: Stretches are convenient and can be done almost anywhere. They reduce stiffness and can help to ease pain. Stretches also improve the body’s flexibility and range of motion.
  • Walking Exercises For Seniors: Walking is great for building physical endurance, which is important for maintaining mobility, a common concern of older adults. Poet’s Walk communities have beautiful grounds that are perfect for daily walks – alone or in groups.

Personalized Exercise Programs Courtesy of Poet’s Walk

Poet’s Walk understands that good health is not just physical; emotional and mental well-being is just as important! Taking a holistic approach to wellness, we are proud to help our seniors create and maintain easy exercise regiments.

Contact Poet’s Walk today to learn more about our many Signature Programs. You may also schedule a tour of your nearest memory care facility to see all we have to offer.