Exercising Seniors Brains Keeps Them Sharp and Healthy

When people want to be healthy, diet and exercise is their focus. However, it is also important to keep their brains healthy, especially in seniors as they experience declines in many areas of cognitive function. Poet’s Walk Fredericksburg and Henderson, factor this in to how their residents spend each day with Signature Touches, a Poet’s Walk national program that focuses on and helps to improve the mind, body and spirit. It represents years of research on how creating a healthy living is the foundation of every aspect of life. The activities, including writing, poetry reading, art, Tai Chi, gardening so much more, are all designed to offer choices that encompass the intellectual and social as well as the physical, cultural, creative, and more.

“While we know our residents enjoy our traditional activities, we find when we engage their minds, they thrive,” said Alexander Markowits, President/CEO of Poet’s Walk parent company Spring Hills Senior Communities.. “Whether it’s music therapy, crossword or jigsaw puzzles, a guest speaker or asking them to write poetry or an autobiography, they’re able to regain a little more of who they were when they were young. The growth and happiness when this happens is exhilarating for us all.”

There are many ways to help a loved one keep their brain sharp. Here are some examples:

  • Puzzles

The challenge that a puzzle provides is intellectually stimulating. This exercise could increase mental capacity.

  • Reading and Writing

Whether writing a letter, a story or a diary entry, the act of writing can improve memory. It can also improve the ability to communicate. Research has shown that reading can improve brain function in many ways. Just the act of reading a novel has been found to enhance connectivity in the brain and improve brain function.

  • Sleep Well

A full night’s sleep and/or naps will help keep the mind and brain nourished.

  • Arts

Practicing the arts: painting, drawing or even coloring keeps the brain exercised and active. Poet’s Walk incorporates this into their Art Therapy program.

  • Listening to Music

Music has been found to improved cognition and memory function. When a song with personal significance is played for a resident, it’s wonderful to see the positive change that happens instantly in that person.

About Spring Hills Senior Communities & Memory Care Communities:

All Spring Hills Senior Communities’, Home Care Services, Assisted Living Communities and Poet’s Walk Memory Care Communities offer a distinctive and innovative approach to home care services, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care as led by Alexander Markowits, President/CEO. Signature Touches is the company’s holistic approach to offering individualized care and services that are designed to meet the needs and preferences of residents and clients. Personal choice is top priority in one of the company’s Spring Hills assisted living communities or in client’s homes with Spring Hills home care services located in NJ, VA, OH, FL and NV, or in one of the company’s Poet’s Walk memory care communities located in TX, VA and NV as well as soon-to-be FL.  For more information about their Caring with a Commitment to Quality dedication to senior living, visit www.spring-hills.com or www.poetswalk-springhills.com.