Therapeutic Gifts for Dementia Sufferers in Memory Care

The holiday season is among us—a time when we come together to relish in our fondest memories and love for each other. For memory loss patients and their family, it can be a challenge to fully enjoy the excitement of the holidays. However, maintaining the traditions you’ve always loved and embracing the peace and gratitude of the season is essential for keeping spirits high and stress low.

At Poet’s Walk memory care facilities, we encourage friends and family to enjoy every moment with their loved ones over the holidays—it truly is possible! One way to keep the holiday spirit alive is by continuing the tradition of gift-giving. Fortunately, there is a broad range of therapeutic gifts available for dementia sufferers, designed not only to bring on a smile but also to foster a healthy lifestyle.

Gift Ideas for Memory Care Patients

As leaders in memory care, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of appropriate gifts for dementia sufferers at every stage. We hope it inspires you in your gift-giving!

Early Stage Dementia Gifts

During the early stages of dementia, seniors are likely dealing with a noticeable increase in memory loss and difficulty concentrating. Make the season brighter and foster mental stimulation with these present ideas:

  • Craft supplies—Gifts related to artistic hobbies, such as knitting, scrapbooking, or painting, help dementia patients put their creativity to work, serving as a healthy outlet for self-expression.
  • Journals, stationery, and decorative office supplies—These fun memory aids provide early-stage dementia patients a place to jot down reminders, as well as offer seniors a place to engage in creative free-writing or stress-relieving journaling.
  • A fun family afternoon—Perhaps the most enjoyable gift of all, treat your loved one to an afternoon with you! Go to the movies or head to a café for dessert and coffee. These activities help seniors maintain a life they’ve always loved while keeping them active and engaged.

Presents for Middle to Late Stage Patients

It may seem like more of a challenge to come up with great gift ideas for dementia sufferers who are experiencing severe memory loss, but there are so many wonderful presents that can bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

  • Music—No matter how much dementia and associated symptoms may have progressed, music is enjoyable for everyone. Gift your loved one with a record of their favorite musician or a CD of therapeutic melodies.
  • Photographs—From a few decorative photo frames for their dresser to a handmade scrapbook, photographs help seniors maintain their favorite memories with their loved ones.
  • Comfort items—Gifts such as scented bubble bath, cozy slippers, or a soft blanket make lovely gifts for those residing in an assisted living facility. Not only are these presents enjoyable, they also offer sensory stimulation and can evoke a sense of pleasure and peace.

At Poet’s Walk, we are always available to help with ideas and guidance to help with your loved one. Contact us to learn more about our memory care services or for any assistance in gift-giving.