Tips for Helping Aging Parents Stay in Their Home

Poet’s Walk knows that when seniors don’t need the extensive care offered by assisted living facilities, there are a number of benefits for an elderly individual to remain at home. Home is where they live, eat, work, and play. There are years of memories and investment – emotional as well as financial – in the home. In many cases, all a senior needs is a little assistance with a few daily chores or activities!

The Benefits of Aging in Place for Senior Citizens

There are many reasons why a senior would want to remain living in their home:

  • they know where everything is
  • they feel safe in their home and their neighborhood
  • it holds precious memories of family and friends
  • it is a place of familiarity, which may be even more important if they are suffering from memory loss

Seniors often have established routines and connections in the neighborhood – doctors, friends, or social activities, which can add to their sense of independence.

How to Help a Senior Living at Home

In-home assistance for elderly individuals can be carried out by hired service providers, but many things can easily be done by family members or close friends.

  • If they have difficulty bathing, grooming, or dressing, you could stop by once a day and give them a little help.
  • Visit once a week to perform any needed yard work or household chores.
  • Bring over meals or prepare them in their home. You may also opt for a meal delivery service.
  • Help organize medications with special pill boxes or devices designed to remind people to take medicines.
  • You or another trustworthy person could check in and make sure bills are paid and finances are properly managed.
  • Modify the home with stair lifts or special furniture to ensure the safety of your loved one in the home.
  • If they like to go out but have mobility problems, you could arrange for a walker, special scooter, or the special transportation services that many cities offer.

Assisted Living for Those in Need of 24/7 Care

Tips to Care for Senior ParentsIf the time comes when your loved one is no longer able to live in their home, even with in-home assistance for the elderly, know that the caregivers of Poet’s Walk are available to take exceptional care of them. We have highly qualified and capable caregivers who are able to attend to their medical and physical needs, as well as their emotional well-being. In addition to providing assistance with daily activities of life, our memory care facilities offer numerous events and social activities, designed to keep seniors healthy, happy, and engaged.

Contact us to find out how we can provide a safe and happy home for your loved one. We can’t wait to show you all that our memory care facilities have to offer.