Holistic and Nutritious: Horticulture Therapy for Seniors

For those who love gardening, there is perhaps nothing as relaxing as working the soil between your fingers. For many seniors, gardening is a passion that proves therapeutic for both physical and mental health. At Poet’s Walk assisted living facilities, we’ve transformed this past time into a recreational activity for our residents. This year-round activity is a favorite among our seniors and we’re proud to introduce the numerous benefits of our horticulture therapy program.

The Benefits of Gardening Grow with Age

Horticulture Therapy at Poet's WalkHorticultural Therapy Benefits Extend All Year Long
Seniors in assisted living facilities, having left their lifelong homes, long for the touch of the earth they once experienced in their own gardens. Here at Poet’s Walk, our residents can enjoy the benefits of gardening through the entire year. Summer’s fresh air and sun bring happiness and health, helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression. Gardening doesn’t stop with the fall harvest, though. Our program allows residents to create indoor herb and flower gardens so that they can enjoy the benefits of gardening even as the temperatures drop outside.

Relationships Grow Alongside Our Gardens
Our senior residents partner with local youth who learn the benefits of gardening from their elders during our Gardening Days. Cross-generational relationships bloom, while seniors have the added perk of knowing they have passed on their knowledge to the next generation. Furthermore, residents have the opportunity to chat with each other as they tend to their plants.

Nutritious, Delicious Farm-to-Table Dining Program
The culinary team at Poet’s Walk works with our residents to incorporate the herbs, vegetables, and fruits they’ve grown into gourmet meals. With the fresh and local produce that our residents grow, our chefs can create better-tasting and more nutritious meals, making for happier residents all around. Our residents reap the benefits of their labor—not only in the meals they enjoy—but also in the confidence and sense of purpose that their contribution provides.

Discover the Possibilities of Assisted Living Recreation

To meet the interests and preferences of all residents, Poet’s Walk offers a variety of recreational programs outside of horticulture therapy for seniors. A wide range of recreational possibilities awaits those within our community who want to stay active in their own special interests and hobbies!

To learn more about Poet’s Walk’s Signature Programs, contact a Poet’s Walk facility near you. Contact our team of caregivers and discover how our assisted living recreational programs can help your loved one thrive during their golden years.