How to Help Elderly Parents Adjust to Assisted Living

Moving Helping Parents Adjust to Senior Livingan elderly loved one into a memory care assisted living facility certainly can be a challenge. As with any big move, transitioning into a senior living facility requires time, patience, and care. At Poet’s Walk, our caregivers make every effort to ensure our senior residents feel welcome from the moment they enter our doors. In addition to the care and attention our staff provides, we’ve seen our residents experience a more positive transition when their family members take an initiative in the early stages of the move. Here are a few of our top tips for how to help elderly parents or loved ones adjust to assisted living.

Tips for a Positive Senior Living Transition

Find an Assisted Living Facility That Offers Suitable Services

Your loved ones are unique, with their own hobbies and preferences. To make a smooth transition right from the start, find an assisted living environment that offers amenities and services suited to your loved one’s needs and interests. At Poet’s Walk, we offer a number of signature programs tailored to our diverse group of residents and guests. If your loved one needs specialized services, like memory care or physical therapy, it is also important to find a facility that provides those services.

Plan to Visit Often

Relocation is never easy, especially for an elderly person. To give your parents or loved ones the best chance for a smooth transition, plan to visit often and encourage other family members to do the same. You may even join them in a few social activities and tag along during their trips to the cafeteria. This will help them realize that their normal lives and the activities they’ve always loved will continue on.

Maintain Regular Activities

Don’t let your parents feel like they’ll have to give up the activities they love and the relationships they’ve always cherished. Encourage your loved one to take part in the many activities and programs of Poet’s Walk, designed to help seniors continue enjoying their favorite leisure activities. Residents may also leave the facility grounds to enjoy brunch with friends or see the latest feature film. See to it that they can take part in their normal lifestyle!

Make Their New Home Feel Like the One They Left Behind

To make your loved one’s environment feel more comfortable, pack some of their most beloved possessions. Favorite furniture pieces, photos, paintings, and decorative items all provide familiar signs that this place indeed is home. Poet’s Walk is also pleased to be a pet-friendly assisted living facility, helping our residents enjoy the companionship that they’ve grown to love.

The Poet’s Walk caregivers do everything they can to make sure all residents feel at home in their new environment, but the transition can still be difficult. Use these helpful (and simple!) tips to assist your parents or loved ones in adjusting to assisted living.

Locate the Poet’s Walk memory care assisted living community near you and take a look at the broad range of therapeutic activities and recreational programs that we offer. If you’d like to learn more about our services, we invite you to contact us and schedule a tour.