Kind Words from a Family Member



There is another scary story in the New York Times today about nursing homes and the new reality of the global pandemic.  The number of lives that have been lost in the nursing homes is beyond belief even though all of them are senior citizens.  Hopefully there will be actions taken to address the deaths and illnesses that have resulted from the covid19 and other failures of organizations that have been created to help, cure, and save the lives of the residents of these facilities.  We have to believe that these organizations were created to secure the health and wellness of the patients.  Unfortunately, over time, there have been instances and practices that contradict the goals of these organizations and care givers that have resulted in deaths and pain for the patients.  Hopefully we will all learn from this tragic event and will provide the help, support, and treatment that are patients deserve.

This will not be an easy task but I am sure that there are models and examples of the type of organization that are people deserve and thankfully Poet’s Walk is one of them.  From the time it became apparent of the extent of the power, threat, and depth of this challenge to lives around the world, Poet’s Walk began to initiate the actions that would treat and protect all of our residents at Poet’s Walk.  These actions were immediate, stern, and determined and they have been implemented with passion to protect and save our patients.

It is so important that you and all of the caregivers and staff recognize the meaning of what you have done and what you are doing to serve and protect the residents and the family members.  The strength, the power, and determination of covid19 cannot be over stated and the performance of our care givers and staff cannot be over stated and will result in a better environment soon and forever after.

Please accept the gratitude of all of the family members for what you have done and continue to do.  Our nation and all Americans are and will remain grateful for your performance all day and every day and this will not be forgotten.

Thank you so much,

– Bettsy and Mike