Long-Distance Caregiving and Staying Connected with Aging Parents

After the years of love and support your parents have provided you, it is normal to feel guilt as they age, especially if you reside at a distance. As hard as it may be, it is important to understand that you are doing all you can to help, even if they reside in a memory care assisted living facility away from your hometown. At Poet’s Walk, not only do we strive to help our residents feel as at-home as possible, but we are dedicated to keeping their loved ones always in the loop about their health, the care they are receiving, and the activities which they participate in. That’s where Smile™ comes in, technology that makes for stress-free long-distance caregiving, allowing you and your family to remain updated on the wellness of your loved one.

A Personal Approach to Senior Care for a Peace of Mind

Long Distance Care GivingSmile™ is a two-way communication system for those who may be living far from elderly parents and who may be dealing with aging parents guilt. Through this technology, you can send each other messages, pictures, and videos at your own leisure; the system will notify you using your preferred method of communication.

Accessing the Smile™ Gallery allows you to see the recreational activities your loved one has been participating in and meet their fellow residents and care staff. Smile™ provides you long-distance caregiver support while providing the ongoing information you want. You can also see upcoming community events and the classes and workshops we’re putting on for our residents. It’s like being with your loved one every step of the way!

Relieving Aging Parent Guilt with 24/7 Caregiver Updates

This innovative technology is customizable so that you may monitor and detect any changes in your loved one’s routine and activities on a 24-hour basis. That means both you and your loved one’s caregiver will be alerted if help or intervention is needed, allowing them to receive care in the immediate. In addition to medical monitoring, Smile™ provides around the clock access to the family portal through a web-enabled device. Gain the peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after and receiving the best care throughout the day, every day.

Seamless Long-Distance Caring with Help from Spring Hills

The Smile™ system is just one of the many Signature Touches available at Poet’s Walk. True to its holistic approach to wellness and senior care, Poet’s Walk keeps families connected with loved ones and informed about how they are doing.  Long-distance caregiving has never been easier!

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