Diabetes Management & Memory Care with Assisted Living

Coping with type II diabetes has become a major challenge for today’s modern health care industry. Managing diabetes in the elderly poses even greater difficulties due to the unique circumstances that aging brings along with it. Many families today are turning to experienced assisted living and memory care facilities like Poet’s Walk in order to meet the needs of their elderly loved ones who suffer from diabetes.

Memory Care and Diabetes ManagementAt Poet’s Walk, we have years of experience in helping seniors manage their condition while also promoting a greater sense of wellness through tailored programs. As a memory care facility, we are well-versed in the nature of diabetes care in elderly adults who may also be suffering from problems with memory loss and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Combining the most advanced innovations in medication distribution with effective educational programs for both residents at Poet’s Walk and their loved ones, we are able to instill an improved quality of life while also successfully managing diabetes in elderly residents.

Unique Challenges of Meeting the Wellness Needs of Elderly Diabetes Patients

Through a commitment to healthy lifestyle changes, medication, and education, it is absolutely possible to control this disease and enhance the quality of life for your loved one. Our assisted living memory care facilities have the necessary experience and amenities to address the unique challenges that come with managing diabetes for older adults:

  • Medication Administration: For many of our seniors facing memory loss, it can be difficult to manage the necessary medications for diabetes. Our caregivers work with the latest in medical technologies—Electronic Medication Administration Record—to ensure that medications are taken properly and exactly when they are needed.
  • Exercise and Physical Activity: Part of the aging process involves a natural decrease in mobility, which can make getting that all-important physical activity more of a challenge for seniors with diabetes. Caregivers work with diabetes patients to design an exercise routine that respects their unique health and physical limitations. At Poet’s Walk, we find that guided programs help seniors to stay motivated as they can exercise with other residents and friends.
  • Healthy Diet: Being able to eat nutritious meals that taste good is essential for wellness among elderly diabetics, and it is also fundamental for a high quality of life. At Poet’s Walk, we offer delicious, chef-inspired cuisine, as well as help with meal planning education for diabetics.

Managing Diabetes in the Elderly and Improving Wellness through Experienced Care

At our memory care facility, diabetes care and management is at the core of our assisted living and home wellness services. It is the goal of our caregivers to educate, empower, and guide our residents and their loved ones and to instill healthy diabetes management practices into everyday life.

Through our tailored programs, we provide peace of mind for elderly adults who are experiencing memory loss and the people who love them. Our goal is the best quality of life possible through customized wellness services and loving support. In honor of this year’s National Diabetes Awareness Month, consider taking the appropriate steps to care for your loved one!

Learn more about caring for an elderly loved one with diabetes. Contact us here to request more information about our assisted living services.