Motivating Seniors to Exercise with Assisted Living Programs

Keeping Senior Citizens Motivated to ExerciseRegular exercise has so many benefits, but many people aren’t sure how to motivate seniors to participate in physical activities. It isn’t as hard as you might think – you just need to approach it in the most positive way. Poet’s Walk has been motivating seniors to exercise and inspiring their clients to join programs that are developed to suit every resident. Group activities at Poet’s Walk have played an important role in the health and happiness of our senior clients.

The Benefits of Exercise for Senior Citizens

Poet’s Walk tailors senior-friendly exercise programs to their clients’ needs and preferences and puts on a number of different classes and activities. These include Pilates, Tai Chi, chair exercises, and simple stretches. Meanwhile, the gorgeous grounds at Poet’s Walk facilities inspire many to take a walk, which builds endurance and provides a great opportunity to socialize with a group.

Through regular engagement in these kinds of exercise activities, seniors can experience numerous physical benefits to their health, including:

  • improvements to bone density
  • muscle and joint strength
  • prevention or improvement of certain diseases, like arthritis and heart disease
  • decreasing likelihood of injuries, such as strains or displacements from falls and other situations
  • betterment of cardiovascular health

The benefits aren’t just physical, though. Regular physical activity also promotes:

  • Cognitive abilities. Tai Chi, yoga, and other activities that incorporate meditation have been shown to improve concentration and memory, especially beneficial for our memory care recipients.
  • Better mental health. Regular physical activities are extremely beneficial to those suffering from depression or anxiety. Exercise elevates mood and also promotes self-esteem and a sense of independence.
  • Proper rest. Seniors who have trouble falling or staying asleep at night may find themselves sleeping much better if they participate in regular light physical activities. They may feel more rested when they wake up and have more energy to take on the day.

Tips For Encouraging Older Adults to Exercise

Most seniors want to take an active role in bettering their own physical, mental, and emotional health, so with the right approach, they are easily encouraged to participate in physical activities. Our caregivers often rely on these tried and true methods to keep our seniors engaged and encouraged to exercise:

  • Inform them of the benefits. By explaining how particular exercises help particular ailments or health issues, many seniors become happy to try new exercises and improve their health.
  • Provide some guidance. Sometimes, seniors are just insecure that they will not be able to do the activities recommended to them. By showing them how to do the exercises, seniors are often empowered, and the confidence will play a great role in inspiring them to continue to participate. Many also like having gadgets available to track their efforts, such as a pedometer!
  • Make it social. Social activities are a simple and effective way to encourage your loved ones to participate in activities, such as a quick round of golf, joining a walking group, or signing up for a class together. You can also bring them to one of the many engaging group activities and classes we offer at Poet’s Walk. Inclusion always feels wonderful!

Poet’s Walk caregivers are experts on how to motivate older adults to be more active. Every one of our seniors is welcome and encouraged to participate in any events and groups offered by their nearest Poet’s Walk facility.

Contact us to find out how you can help your loved one remain motivated to participate in our many available activities!