Music Therapy for Seniors

Music is widely recognized by artistic, philosophical, and scientific communities for its calming effects on the mind and spirit.  At Poet’s Walk, we have seen music uplift our elderly memory care clients, and are happy to have witnessed the many benefits of our music therapy programs.

The Benefits of Music for Memory Care Seniors

The benefits of listening to music are well documented in various studies, and our caregivers have seen many of these benefits with our clients, including:

  • Improvement in Cognitive Skills. Seniors with dementia who hear music from their past have often responded positively. They begin to recall things that may have been forgotten and may recognize songs and experience related memories.
  • Communication. Many of our elderly clients try to hum or sing along to songs they remember, and our caregivers have noticed that they seem more communicative and responsive, especially to questions and conversation.
  • Stress Reduction. Music is an excellent reliever of stress and depression. For seniors who may be experiencing increased agitation and aggravation, perhaps as the result of dementia, music can be very soothing.
  • Physical Coordination. It’s hard not to clap or tap your toes when there is music playing. Rhythmic beats and peppy melodies can aid coordination during physical activity, like walking or exercising, which may make physical activity easier and more enjoyable.
  • Social Skills. When music is played in a group setting, it can foster more interaction among our seniors, which can relieve the loneliness many may feel at times. Often, they talk about the music of their youth or share the memories the music evokes.

Music Therapy Activities for the Elderly

Music Therapy Exercises for SeniorsAt Poet’s Walk, many of our activities and programs involve music. There may be music playing to enhance Tai Chi, yoga, or our seniors’ fitness classes, or as part of special events that we put on, such as drum circles and sing-alongs. We have even brought in local musicians to play for us so that our seniors can enjoy live performances.  We have seen how music truly enriches the lives of our assisted living residents, especially as part of our memory care and Signature Touches programs.

Poet’s Walk takes a truly holistic and inclusive approach to senior health care, and our caregivers are dedicated to our assisted living clients. Contact us today to find out more about what music therapy programs we offer and find a memory care assisted living community near you