Outdoor Activities for Seniors to Promote Health and Happiness

The summertime brings glorious sunshine, flowers, and fresh air – and it’s finally upon us! Poet’s Walk offers ample opportunity to take in the sunlight and fresh air, as well as relax with family and friends. Every one of our memory care facilities offers a number of outdoor activities for seniors, designed to support both physical and psychological health.

Outdoor Recreation and Senior-Friendly Summer Activities

Absorbing the rays of the sun and breathing in the fresh air bring benefits beyond relaxation. Studies have shown that there are positive effects in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health and we’ve witnessed them all in within our own senior care community!

  • Fresh air in your lungs helps to clear them, letting seniors take even deeper, longer breaths, which in turn, gets more oxygen into the lungs.  An increase in energy and clarity of the mind are byproducts.
  • Plants and trees emit phytoncides into the air. These are chemicals that have been shown to lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Forests, of course, are the best places for taking in phytoncides but our own facility grounds offer plants that offer the same benefits.
  • By absorbing sunlight through the skin, seniors also absorb vitamin D. This aids in the fight against osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, common concerns for seniors.
  • Being in the sunshine is also said to increase one of your body’s happy chemicals, serotonin.
  • For those afflicted with autoimmune conditions like psoriasis and lupus, vitamin D helps reduce an overactive immune system. 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning helps keep your sleep cycle consistent, as it “turns off” the sleep chemical melatonin. Only 30 minutes of sun provides almost a full day supply of vitamin D.

At Poet’s Walk memory care facilities, the summertime brings many great outdoor activities and events – for all seniors, whether an assisted living resident or a home care recipient. Here’s a sample of what we have to offer:

  • Take a walk through the beautiful grounds of our community, or join a walking fitness class designed to build strength and stamina.
  • Master the art of gardening, a favorite Signature Touches Program of our senior memory care recipients.
  • You can hang out with residents, friends, and/or family at any of the special events, which include picnics and themed days, such as “Gardening Day”.

Beautiful Assisted Living Facility Grounds to Promote Outdoor Enjoyment

The grounds at Poet’s Walk are idyllic, happy, and healthy places to spend the summer. They were designed in accordance with the holistic wellness philosophy of Poet’s Walk, and showcase luscious greenery, bright flowers, and plenty of outdoor seating areas. Poet’s Walk is a proud venue for summer activities for seniors and we can’t wait to show you and your loved one what we have to offer.

View Poet’s Walk assisted living facility grounds or contact our caregivers with any questions you may have about our offerings.