The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Assisted Living

To the benefit of our residents, our assisted living facilities are comprised of a team of animal lovers, making us one of the few pet-friendly assisted living communities in the nation. We are proud to offer our unique PAW (Pets Are Welcome) program, simply because we understand how greatly the presence of a pet can improve the quality of life for our residents.

As leaders in memory care, Poet’s Walk understands the role that a furry friend can play in both mental and emotional health. In addition to creating an environment that feels a little more like home, the presence of a pet offers various advantages:

Pet Therapy for Senior CitizensJudgement-Free Friendship
The friendships we form with animals are pure and free of judgment, making the advantages of a pet’s companionship with a senior are very clear. When memory care residents have a friend to love and care for, their day is all the brighter. They have a friend to talk to, somebody to give their attention, and something to focus on outside of the health issues that they may face. All the while, their pet is there to comfort them, no matter what. This helps instill elderly individuals with a sense of purpose, ultimately building confidence and self-awareness.

A Pet’s Impact on Mental Health Happiness
Bonding with four-legged friends helps to stimulate both mental capacity and emotional well-being, especially beneficial for those in memory care. Through the Poet’s Walk PAW Program, seniors can experience lessened symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sundowner’s Syndrome, as well as a reduction in anxiety and stress. Ultimately, these benefits can help your loved one feel more comfortable and at peace when residing in an assisted living facility.

Benefits to Physical Health
In addition to mental and emotional health, animal assistance therapy has been known to improve physical well-being. Because of the stress-relief that is associated with a pet’s presence, elderly individuals can experience lowered blood pressure and triglycerides, making them less prone to senior heart disease and heart attacks. Additionally, many service dogs are trained to detect epilepsy seizures and other health concerns before they occur, an obvious benefit for our residents.

Experience the Many Advantages of Pet Therapy

At Poet’s Walk, we understand that pets are a part of the family. That is why we’re proud to offer our residents with pet-friendly assisted living options. From ongoing pet-friendly accommodations to regularly held pet therapy activities, our memory care residents are able to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Looking for a pet-friendly assisted living facility near you? Contact us today to discover the PAW Program and many other recreational therapy programs of Poet’s Walk.