Pets Enhance Memory Care Residents Days at Poet’s Walk Cedar Park

Living with animals has been scientifically proven to provide a holistic boost to health, especially in seniors. So, when someone moves in to Poet’s Walk Cedar Park, their pet can move in with them. The Pets Are Welcome (PAW) program, as a part of Poet’s Walk Signature Touches initiative, not only invites residents to bring their pets (with some guidelines of course), it also boasts a strong Pet Therapy program for everyone.

“Most of us could not fathom moving without our pet so how could we possibly ask our residents to do that,” said Gibran Chambers, Executive Director at Poet’s Walk Cedar Park. “We have seen an easier transition for our pet-owning residents when they are able to bring their small dog or cat they have always lived with to their new home.”

The effect of animals on seniors, whether they live with you or visit you, is significant which is why Poet’s Walk has created such a strong Pet Therapy program. Pet Therapy allows residents to derive the physical and psychological benefits pets bring such as increasing the alertness and function for memory care residents. It also lowers a senior’s blood pressure and triglyceride count, compared to those without a pet. Pets are expert stress reducers and can even help those with trouble falling asleep. The enthusiasm pets show lessens seniors’ anxiety and increase their sense of overall happiness. When elements like these are addressed, a decrease in hospitalizations and bouts of sickness prevail.

“Animals bring out happiness in all of our residents and that is priceless,” said Chambers.

Animals can give constant, unfiltered affection and sometimes that is exactly what a senior needs. The PAW and Pet Therapy programs provide the perfect setting to bring seniors and companion animals together—both excited to see each other.

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