How to Relieve Post-Holiday Loneliness in The Elderly

During the holidays, many families get the chance to come together and share memories of years gone by. For elderly residents in memory care assisted living communities, the time after the holidays is often one where depression and loneliness become more pronounced. While it’s lovely to spend time with family, once they’re gone, everything can feel a little bit darker and more desperate. Over 6- million seniors in the U.S. experience depression; by identifying the symptoms, you can help your elderly relative feel better in the slower times after the holidays.

How To Lift Your Loved One’s Spirits

When someone is experiencing depression, one of the simplest things to do for them is to be present. Call or chat with them daily, and consider spending time with them on activities like:

  • Going out for lunch and a movie
  • Playing board games or constructing a puzzle together
  • Going shopping
  • Crafting scrapbook pages

Try not to insist that they be happy, or remember good times; hear them when they feel sad, and validate their feelings while insisting with your presence and attention that they matter.

How a Family-Like Assisted Living Facility Can Help

TRecreation to Combat Senior Lonelinesshrough an assisted living facility that offers memory care, residents have the opportunity to socialize with the other residents. By feeling connected to the community around them, they may feel less depressed. At Poet’s Walk, we offer several unique programs that can help your loved ones feel more positively during the weeks after the holidays:

  • Art and color therapy programs
  • Music therapy, including live music performances and playing
  • Aromatherapy, using natural scents like lavender and peppermint
  • Unique ongoing social activities and events

We know that the post-holiday season leads to increased depression among your loved ones. At Poet’s Walk, we encourage our residents to enjoy our activities and community at their own pace so that they can enjoy each and every moment.

Please contact us so that we can answer any questions you have to help your elderly relatives live a long, happy and fulfilled life.