Preventing Social Isolation in the Elderly with Assisted Living Activities

As we age, life circumstances often make socialization a bit more challenging. From moving into the new environment of a memory care assisted living facility to experiencing the loss of a beloved elderly friend, isolation among seniors is an unfortunately fairly common concern. At Poet’s Walk, our residents’ happiness is one of our most prominent concerns and we take every step possible to prevent social isolation in our elderly residents.

Benefits of Social Interaction During Aging

Social connection has been shown to hold a variety of benefits for our aging population, including boosting self-esteem, reducing depression, increasing immune response, and slowing cognitive decline. Through social opportunities, seniors can engage with others who are in a similar life stage and who may have had similar life experiences. These common threads form great bonding material, allowing our seniors to connect and make friends, leading to a happier, more fulfilled self.


Assisted Living to Prevent Senior Social Isolation

Social isolation is a critical issue facing the aging population and we take great pride in encouraging our residents to interact with their peers as much as possible. Our community is set up to provide many opportunities for social interaction, including the time spent in our dining hall and common rooms. In addition to these shared spaces, Poet’s Walk provides a full schedule of social programs, giving our seniors even more chances to spend time together, including:

  • Holiday parties and activities, such as Christmas buffets and Oscar red carpet socials
  • Group exercise classes, suited to the diverse needs and preferences of our residents
  • Educational sessions, such as writing workshops and simple cooking demonstrations
  • Planned youth events, such as talent shows, where seniors can interact not only with each other but also with those from a different generation

Prevent Isolation with Help from Poet’s Walk

If you would like to know more about how we prevent social isolation in our community, we would love to share that with you. We welcome you to visit our community for a tour if you are considering assisted living or senior day care as a viable option for your loved ones. We do everything we can to encourage social interaction as frequently as possible.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our caregivers and to inquire about scheduling a tour of our lovely senior communities!