Holistic Care for Rotator Cuff Tears in the Elderly

Managing Rotator Cuff Pain in SeniorsIt’s not difficult to see why rotator cuff tears are extremely prevalent in the senior population. We use our shoulder muscles every single day, and as we get older they are prone to thinning and fraying. Whether caused by a fall or simply wear and tear over the years, rotator cuff pain and the arm weakness that may result make everyday activities much harder. At the benefit of our memory care recipients, Poet’s Walk offers a unique Signature Touches Wellness Program that covers a number of physical ailments and injuries to which older adults are prone – including rotator cuff tears.

Senior Care and Management of Rotator Cuff Tears

As part of this dedicated wellness program, Poet’s Walk seniors have access to wellness teams comprised of experienced caregivers who are knowledgeable and familiar with all aspects of a rotator cuff injury, including post-surgery care and rotator cuff rehab. Through this, your loved one has access to:

  • Ongoing assistance in daily living activities and routines;
  • Education about rotator cuff injuries and the healing process;
  • Rotator cuff treatment exercise programs tailored to their needs, designed to improve muscle strength and maximize range of motion; and
  • Ongoing community activities, as well as fitness and other classes, such as master gardening, gourmet cooking, and art, available at a Poet’s Walk adult assisted living communities. Through these activities, not only is your loved one maintaining a healthy sense of self but also working their muscles in low-impact ways.

Poet’s Walk believes in taking a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, offering not only physical rehabilitation but emotional and mental engagement. Tai chi and yoga classes strengthen your body and improve balance and flexibility, but they also help with mental focus. Art classes are good for the spirit, but as you learn techniques, you are also improving your dexterity and motion. Plus, these classes provide excellent opportunities to socialize and to meet people with similar interests.

An Assisted Living Approach to Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

A rotator cuff injury in an elderly individual requires proper rehabilitation to heal. Poet’s Walk clients receive that… but they are also given new avenues for physical, mental, and emotional improvement. In turn, they are able to maintain a higher quality of life.

Learn more about the Poet’s Walk approach to caring for rotator cuff tears in the elderly by contacting us today. You may also view some testimonials about the Poet’s Walk experience to see what Poet’s Walk has to offer.