Senior Residents and Their Families Benefit from SMILE

The families with loved ones at Poet’s Walk, a Spring Hills Memory Care Community, now have a reason to SMILE™, even more than they already do. Poet’s Walk Fredericksburg, Poet’s Walk Henderson, Poet’s Walk Round Rock, Poet’s Walk San Antonio and Poet’s Walk Cedar Park have incorporated a new technology system that enhances the communication between staff and families. This innovative technology offers a personalized, unique way to connect and share information pertinent to the resident’s social experience. In fact, families will now have the ability view photos and videos of their loved ones as they participate in activities throughout their day. It’s as easy as logging into the software from a technology device like a computer, cell phone or iPad.

SMILE™ is a resident centric solution to communicate and engage with families of assisted living and memory care residents. Using SMILE™, staff can electronically track resident activity participation and share with families, as well as keep families informed of upcoming events through two way messaging and access to view community recreation calendars, newsletter and menus. Staff and families are also able to share photos, videos and music through SMILE™ to further enrich the connection between staff, families and residents. It transforms traditional communication methods into dynamic, real time experiences that may lead to greater resident and family satisfaction, staff engagement and improved quality of life for each resident.

Rachel Helfand, Director of Program Development and Training, had been exploring different activity tracking and family engagement systems when she first heard of SMILE™. “We have always put a lot of focus on communication with our families. In addition to the Director of Resident Engagement tracking and sharing the residents’ participation with family members, our Resident and Family Ambassadors provide proactive positive updates, regularly sharing photos of their loved ones’ social experiences and achievements in the community.” she said. “SMILE™ really seemed to match the goals we have set for communication. What’s even better is that we’re able to work with SMILE™ to expand what they offer to grow with us.”

When a resident moves in to Poet’s Walk, an assessment is done on their health but also on who they are as a person, who they were, and who they want to be. “Our goal is to exceed expectations through providing the best possible person-centered care right from the start.  In order to do that, we have to capture and learn what our residents are passionate about in order meet their unique preferences and abilities. With SMILE™, we can document their interests and accomplishments,” said Helfand. “Even better is that the families can upload biographical information and photos into SMILE™ which helps our team connect with both families and residents on a deeper level. Our staff will learn the important details of our Residents’ lives: hobbies, favorites, lifestyle, greatest accomplishments, etc. so the resident will be able to feel at home at Poet’s Walk that much faster.”

To ensure the privacy of all Poet’s Walk residents, each family member has their own log in and password; and there is no limit to the number of family users per resident. Families can find photos of moments created throughout the community in the SMILE™ Gallery. Additionally, each resident has their own Memorable Moments section where photos and videos specific to that resident are available to their family members only. Photos are available for all of the families with loved ones at that Poet’s Walk, but only those families. It is not public.

Helfand believes that SMILE™ will give their families greater peace of mind. “When a resident moves in, the learning curve for both Poet’s Walk staff and family members will be shorter. It will enable us to have a stronger relationship with the residents and their families,” she said. “Even better, the families will have a stronger relationship with their loved ones. They will now be able to readily see what mom and dad are doing and talk about it when they visit or call. So far the response from families has been extremely positive and we look forward to seeing what more we can do for our families and residents with SMILE™.”

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Recognized as a pioneer in healthcare communication and family engagement, CarexTech partners with skilled nursing, assisted living, respite care and adult day care facilities nationwide to create and sustain a higher level of communication and engagement between families, residents and caregivers. Based in South Bend, Ind., CarexTech is the premier provider of Software¬-as-¬a¬-Service, cloud-¬based solutions to enhance effective communications between families and staff serving assisted living, memory care and senior living communities.

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