Sensory Stimulation Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia may have difficulties staying “in touch” with their world and their surroundings and may be frustrated if they can’t communicate or express themselves. Sensory stimulation activities for seniors and dementia patients are one of many carefully developed Signature Touches of Poet’s Walk.

At Poet’s Walk, we believe in a holistic approach to memory care. From our extensive experience in senior care, we know that proper care involves activities that enhance a senior’s enjoyment of life and builds confidence.

The Benefits of Sensory Stimulation Therapy

Stimulating Activities for DementiaSensory stimulation therapy is intended to trigger memories and positive feelings, as well as to facilitate and encourage communication and engagement in dementia patients. Everyday objects are introduced to the seniors in a way that stimulates one or more of their five senses as our experienced and reassuring caregivers engage with them and prompt responses.

For example, a senior with dementia may be given a pretty seashell to look at and to touch, which might bring back a memory of a visit to the beach. Or, they may interact with the shell in different ways. They may move the seashell between their fingers or bring it to their ears to see if they can hear the ocean, not realizing they are strengthening their cognitive abilities and improving dexterity while exploring the seashell.

Positive Effects on Emotional Well-Being

These sensory stimulation activities are vital for enhancing the well-being of an Alzheimer’s patient, and our caregivers have witnessed our seniors build up self-esteem, reduce depression or anxiety, and engage in more social interaction. It is so important to empower seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia, as they may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, even helpless. Many dementia patients have also expressed creativity with art and interacting with plants.

Sensory Activities Available to Poet’s Walk Seniors

Poet’s Walk offers a memory care program, which tailors dementia activity ideas to each patient, taking into account their individual needs and preferences. There are a variety of activities that home care recipients and residents in our assisted living facilities can take advantage of, including:

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients of Poet’s Walk can participate in any of the programs being offered. Our memory care specialists are always there to help them re-engage with the world and stimulate their senses.

Contact us today to find out what classes and activities are available to your loved ones suffering from dementia.