Testimonial from a Family Member



I just wanted to thank you for all you do, especially during this pandemic and all that has added to your load. Your compassion and care is as always, obvious and I am thankful the Lord clearly shut the doors back in January to move mom to Dallas…although I sure wanted her here in Dallas! He KNEW it was wiser and best to leave her at Poet’s Walk! Huge in carrying out your compassion and care lies in the staff you hire. You do a wonderful job in that! For example…….

So many have been so helpful in the past weeks….Celeste put batteries in mom’s remote! Mom would be lost without her TV! Brenda does more than clean..she knows how to also assist mom with her TV when something happens! Tooba has gone way the extra mile to encourage mom to get out of her room. Her compassion is truly amazing!! I hope she can become an employee! Vanessa is my DEAR advocate and always ready to help me! Ariel and Joanna are newer and they have been great additions to your nursing staff. They have been ready to assist me and patient with answering questions that I need answered being 5 hours away. Tooba and Joseph have taken time with me to explain how her recently added meds are doing with her pain….Mom told Joseph one day that he was like a grandson to her! That says how much she cares and trusts him! Fernanda has been so encouraging and deeply caring of mom …she does more than hand out meds! Monica greets mom’s mornings cheerfully with her meds. Other CNA’s…Maria, Althea, Alicia, LaTisha, Walle, Danisha, Diane, Star are so attentive! Marnie makes her laugh, which is SO important! I always am concerned when I miss some names and the needed wearing of masks adds the challenge to know who I am seeing in the camera. Plus there are new staff I haven’t met so unless mom says their names when I am checking the camera I don’t know who they are yet, but I want to meet them next time I am there. As you know, Mom has seldom ever socialized even when JE was alive, so getting her out of her room is THE challenge so she isn’t so isolated. I don’t know if she ever will get out on a regular basis, so it means a lot to see staff who don’t just do their job…empty trash, clean the room, hand out meds…but try to engage her in conversation when they walk through her door. Even if I don’t know their names, they know who they are and I hope they know those few minutes it takes to talk to her and the kindness and care which motivates them to do so, are HUGE in lifting mom’s spirits! And it is HUGE to encourage me since I can’t be there to encourage her face to face.

Mona’s creative ways to engage and connect the family members with their loved ones during this difficult times has been WONDERFUL! The virtual call where we can SEE each other has literally been a provision from the Lord to Mom and me, THROUGH Mona and her workers! Rose was her very sweet and cheerful helper in this call yesterday. Mom keeps saying she wants to see me and that I am so far away, so this is helping! Also, the virtual pen pal has personally helped mom to not only get out of her room, but be encouraged by the staff who are seeing and enjoying the old photos with her. Nora is a gem! We do a lot of laughing….you probably notice! Ha! She answers my questions so wonderfully and I know she loves Mom and cares for her as well. Paula is excellent as well. She takes care of things so quickly for me and always in a most cheerful way. And Lynn, though out now with her surgery, has been another very capable employee and one who dearly loves Mom and has been a big help to me as well.

Then there is Krystal! She is my ADD kindred spirit! But she gets a way lot more things done than I do! It would be hard to adequately express how much she has helped mom and encouraged both of us with all she has addressed with mom’s care…. When we talk about different things to make life easier and happier for mom, I get the feeling mom is the only one there by the way she cares and by the things she gets done for her, and yet there are many others like mom for whom she advocates as well! Her love for all of your residents is such a big part of how well your facility is run.

And one more thing….yep, my book is about to end! You know mom’s challenge in eating, due to the diminishing function of her taste buds. She has carried the food in a napkin to you more than once I think! Ha! Her list of food that still tastes good to her is sadly shrinking. Someone has done an incredibly wonderful thing of seeing that Mom gets a cup of macaroni and cheese regularly now. That is one of the few foods that still tastes good to her!!! I would love to know who is responsible for this so I can personally thank them. I am so touched by how much they care that she still has some pleasure at meal times!

So, yes, you have chosen your team well at Poet’s Walk and they have a leader at the helm who cares about them and how they care for the residents!

Grateful for you!