Therapeutic Recreation to Combat Senior Depression

Music Therapy Programs for SeniorsDuring the winter months, many individuals can suffer from the symptoms of seasonal depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Though the days are gradually growing lighter, the temperatures are still low, making it nearly impossible for many seniors and dementia patients to enjoy outdoor activities. To keep elderly individuals happy and mentally alert, it is important to build enriching activities into their daily lives.

To keep the residents of our memory care facilities leading fulfilling lives, Poet’s Walk provides numerous therapeutic activities that support the physical and mental health of seniors. In addition to occupying their day with socialization and engagement, these activities help promote a sense of independence, necessary for memory care patients.

How Improving Well-Being with Therapeutic Activities

As with the residents of our Spring Hills communities, Poet’s Walk understands that no two memory care patients are alike. They have different needs, interests, hobbies, and preferences. That is why we are proud to offer numerous forms of recreational therapy, suited to various levels of capability and areas of interest.

If your loved one resides at one of our independent living facilities, they have the opportunity to take part in our numerous senior-friendly recreational activities:

  • Doll Therapy: Doll therapy, also called cuddle therapy, is especially beneficial for those experiencing symptoms of dementia. This form of therapy allows seniors to gain a sense of independence as they care for and nurture a provided baby doll.
  • Music Therapy: By taking part in drum circles, singalongs, and musical performances, seniors can experience reduced stress, mental stimulation, and creative self-expression. This program is well-suited for both musically-experienced individuals, as well as they who have never sung or played a tune in their life!
  • Aromatherapy: Did you know that certain smells, such as lavender and peppermint, have been known to promote a sense of calm? Additionally, the sense of smell has been known to be a powerful link to our memories, making this form of therapy especially beneficial for our residents with Alzheimer’s.
  • Work/Life Access: Poet’s Walk is dedicated to providing our seniors with stimulating environments that mimic those they’ve always known and loved. Our residents have access to stores, kitchens, and workshops that are designed to stimulate the senses, bringing back fond memories while instilling a sense of independence.Stimulating Activities for Seniors
  • Horticulture Therapy: Through our Horticulture Therapy Program, seniors have the ability to put their green thumbs to work. In addition to honing a hobby that they love, they can enjoy the produce they grow within the meals of our dining room. This activity not only reduces stress, but it also promotes relaxation and social interaction.
  • Art Therapy: Designed to stimulate creative self-expression and exercise both fine and gross motor skills, seniors can engage in arts and crafts and creative adult coloring. These creative activities have been known to relieve anxiety while promoting a sense of self-confidence.

Enjoy the Advantages of Poet’s Walk Recreation Therapy

When your loved one resides at Poet’s Walk, they have access to individualized therapeutic recreation programs for seniors that stimulate the senses and foster a sense of independence. Our caregivers understand the role that fulfilling activities play in mental health and we work with each individual to ensure their needs and preferences are met.

Would you like to learn more about the therapeutic recreation programs offered at Poet’s Walk? We invite you to contact us or call the assisted living community nearest you for more details.