Traveling Tips for Caregivers of Senior Citizens

It is getting close to peak vacation period; time to get away and enjoy yourself! If you are a senior citizen’s caregiver, there are some considerations that must be made, such as their health and mobility. If you take the time to plan and prepare, traveling with an elderly parent or relative does not have to be worrisome. The travel tips for seniors that follow will help with your planning. If your loved ones are unable to come with you, know that there are reliable senior care services available from Poet’s Walk.

Stress-Free Traveling with Senior Citizens

It’s like the Boy Scouts’ motto: be prepared – with medication, documents, and knowledge. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be to have stress-free travels and an all around enjoyable time. Here are some tips to ensure smooth travels ahead:

  1. Make sure their doctor clears your loved one for travel. Find out from a doctor if they can handle the travel you plan to do. After all, travel itself can be very stressful and tiring. Ask the doctor for any warning signs you should look out for, and how to handle any medical conditions they have or that may arise.
  2. Have adequate medication. Pack enough medication for the entire vacation. Make sure to add another few days’ worth, just in case any medication is lost or misplaced. You might even want to have a copy of their prescriptions in case you have to pick up more. Ensure that your loved one is wearing their medical alert bracelet or have their medical alert card on them. Carrying their medication on you is preferable to packing it in luggage. This way they have their medicine even if a bag is lost or diverted.
  3. Make sure your loved one is prepared for the travel. Seniors tend to be more sensitive to the sun and any changes in temperature, so make sure you pack light layers of clothing to keep them comfortable. Bring the essentials – sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat. Buy supportive stockings for them if there is going to be a lot of sitting, which assists in blood circulation. Bring snacks and water so that they don’t get hungry or dehydrated.
  4. Stick to routines wherever possible. This is especially important if your loved one has Alzheimer’s or suffers from dementia. Try to keep their medication, bed, and meal times the same to minimize anxiety and stress.
  5. Don’t pack too much in a day. Even having fun can be physically taxing for your loved one. Try to make sure there are lots of breaks during the day so that they don’t get worn out. Arrive at the airport, train station, or bus station with plenty of time to avoid a mad rush. Break up a long drive with bathroom breaks, meals, and time to stretch and get some fresh air.

Take Advantage of Dedicated Respite Care Services

If their primary care doctor advises against travel or your loved one simply isn’t up for the trip, rely on Poet’s Walk senior care. Together, we’ll pair your loved one with a suitable caregiver, attentive to their needs and health concerns. Otherwise, use these travel tips for senior citizens to ensure an enjoyable vacation that is memorable for all the right reasons!

Interested in traveling with your senior loved one and need additional guidance? Contact Poet’s Walk or visit your nearest memory care location to learn more.