Our Approach to Treating the Progression of Dementia

Memory Care for the Stages of DementiaThe caregivers of Poet’s Walk specialize in memory care for patients throughout the entire progression of their dementia. We treat each resident in our assisted living communities as an individual, taking a personalized, holistic approach to each person’s care. In this approach, we recognize that every individual is so much more than the condition that they suffer from, and we want their care to reflect that. That is why we’ve developed our Care Flower system, a component of our C.A.R.E. Standards, helping to identify the various needs of patients, rather than referring to them with detached medical terminology.

A Closer Look at Our Memory Care Flowers


Violets like to remain active and prefer to make their own decisions about how to spend their days. Our team members work with residents in this phase to empower them to make choices and feel as in control of their lives as possible. All the while we ensure they receive the attention that they need.


Those in the daisy phase tend to vacillate between periods of high and low sensitivity. When sensitivity is high, they may clench their jaws or stomp their feet. While it is possible to misinterpret these signs as indicating aggression or anger, they more typically signify that some other need is not being met. When this happens, we do everything in our power to determine what that need is.


Structure is of the utmost importance to those in this stage. Roses do best when presented with daily activities that follow a schedule. We can assist them with keeping their days as regimented as possible so that they feel in control of their lives.


Activities involving fine motor skills are often difficult for patients in the iris phase on the dementia timeline. With our assistance, these residents can still get through their daily activities so that they can still feel as independent as possible. Many times, we encourage them to take part in dance or music classes, as Irises tend to respond favorably to rhythm and beats.

Morning Glory

Morning Glories are usually within the most advanced phase of dementia and often times, residents feel trapped in their own minds. Because of this, they may find interaction with others difficult. Our highly trained caregivers will treat them with compassion and understanding as we help them to live the best lives they can in their condition.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from dementia, our assisted living communities may be just what he or she needs to thrive under the proper care. We invite you to contact Poet’s Walk any time to get a better feel for our facilities and what we have to offer regarding memory care for dementia.