The Truth About Assisted Living for Seniors

It can be, understandably so, very frustrating to find appropriate care for a senior loved one. Between the disbelief that your loved one may be in need of senior care and the many misconceptions that exist about care for the elderly, so many refrain from seeking out the services their loved one may need. To make the best decision for you and your loved one, it is important to review your options and rely only on the most accurate of information.

To educate families on the care that is available to them and to remove the stigma that is often attached to senior care, Poet’s Walk is happy to review some of the most common myths about assisted living facilities.

A Closer Look at Common Assisted Living Myths

  1. Assisted living is only appropriate for the very sick. Despite what many families believe, a senior does not need to be ill to reside in an assisted living facility. Non-medical care is focused on helping clients with activities of daily living, which includes things like preparing meals, personal hygiene, and household chores. Assisted living can also provide companionship and is good for alleviating depression and boosting confidence.
  2. Caregivers can’t be trusted. Caregivers who work for reputable providers of senior care services must be reliable and trustworthy professionals. In fact, most trusted providers of senior care, such as those at Poet’s Walk, undergo thorough background checks and competency tests. With that in mind, you can rest assured your loved one is receiving care from a trusted and caring individual.
  3. If the senior’s family is available to help, a caregiver isn’t needed. Becoming a caregiver for a parent or relative is a huge undertaking. Often, families look to professional care services to assist in the task. Assisted living care services are available to relieve some of the strain of caring for your loved one on your own.
  4. Assisted living residents have no sense of independence. If anything, it’s the opposite! Assisted living allows seniors to continue living on their own with the assistance of a caregiver, when needed. They can do as much or as little as they want and know that someone is there to help when needed. As a result, seniors can maintain their independence and boost confidence in themselves.
  5. The senior has no say in who their caregiver is. If clients are ever uncomfortable with their caregiver or feel as though their needs are not being met, they are always open to change! Even if more than one match doesn’t work, it is always the client who has the final say with regards to their caregiver. Poet’s Walk understands that the best matches are often between those who share in interests, language, culture, and personality traits. In this understanding, we strive to make matches that are appropriate for both the senior and the caregiver. Use this list of interview questions to help in the process of finding an appropriate caregiver.

Dedicated Senior Care Services from a Qualified Home Health Agency

It is important to be as informed as possible when it comes to caring for your loved one. That’s where Poet’s Walk comes in. Dedicated to providing attentive care services and a holistic approach to wellness, we ensure our seniors have access to the quality of care they deserve so that they may continue to reside in the comfort of their homes.

Learn more about our senior care services or contact us to speak with a caregiver from our team. We can’t wait to show you all Poet’s Walk has to offer!