A Closer Look at What Assisted Living Provides

Many people have lots of questions about assisted living facilities, especially when their loved one is getting older and perhaps starting to need assistance during the day. Through our many years of providing memory care assisted living services, we’ve come to understand the misconceptions that so many people have about senior care. In truth, assisted living can often open up wonderful opportunities! Here’s a closer look at the details and services of assisted living.

What Is an Assisted Living Facility and What Services Are Provided?

For those in need of ongoing daily medical care or those who simply require assistance with activities of daily living, sometimes the best option is to move into an assisted living facility. Here, they can receive the care they need, with typical services that include…

When Is Assisted Living Appropriate?

Qualifications for assisted living and assisted living age requirements vary between states, and even between facilities. At Poet’s Walk, we’re always pleased to discuss the services and qualifications of our locations.

In terms of deciding if and when a loved one would most benefit from moving into an assisted living facility, there are a number of factors to consider. It may be time for assisted living if:

  • They have health issues – for example, if they have had a stroke or suffer from dementia.
  • They aren’t feeding themselves properly or are forgetting to eat or drink.
  • They are more prone to falling and injuring themselves.
  • They aren’t keeping up with personal hygiene or normal daily tasks.
  • They are forgetting to take medication or can’t keep up with the medication schedule.
  • They are increasingly unable to handle their finances.
  • They are increasingly lonely, isolated, depressed, or despondent.

What is Assisted Living?The decision will not likely be based on one of these criteria, but a combination. You know your loved one best! Ask yourself if their quality of life is declining and whether they need more care and attention than what you may be able to offer.

At Poet’s Walk, our holistic approach to senior care makes our memory care assisted living communities places of healing that foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We have a variety of recovery and wellness programs, including stroke recovery, memory care, pet and music therapy, and personalized exercise programs designed by our expert team of dedicated caregivers. Our seniors enjoy a variety of classes and fun special events, as well as spectacular grounds and a sense of community.

Contact us to find out how our holistic approach to senior care can benefit your loved one.