COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 Response Update

Poet’s Walk Senior Communities is doing everything possible to address the COVID-19 pandemic, including working diligently to ensure everyone receives the best care possible. We realize this disruption has created distress, yet we want to reassure everyone that all residents, associates and health care personnel within our facilities are informed and up-to-date on safe practices, including all CDC and state Department of Health guidelines.

We also realize quarantine conditions impact families and loved ones and are doing everything in our power to maintain open communication and transparency. We have families too, and we understand how trying and worrisome the current situation is for everyone. Our hearts go out to those affected by COVID-19, and we pray for swift recovery for those affected by this virus.

Due to this pandemic, we have been forced to adapt virtually all activities including dining, recreational activities and medical treatments under social distancing and safety protocols. To ensure success, we have hired additional staff and drawn support from management teams to ensure quality of care.

We have also instructed social workers and team members to maintain consistent contact with families and issued Center Guidelines to ensure safe health care and visitation practices.

We want to address any concerns residents, families, associates, and the community might have regarding COVID-19. To make that possible, we are offering family conference calls, e-mail and video communication upon contact to your local Administrator or Executive Director. Please contact Christina O’Leary at 844-960-1302 or email her at with any additional questions.

Our goal has always been to provide a safe and nurturing environment to our residents, families, and associates. By working together, we can ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned.

A Message from Our CEO

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps over our senior communities it is important that everyone know just how much we care for those and their families impacted from this virus. One death is too many and the pain and suffering of those diagnosed and being treated for COVID-19 is an ever-present reminder of the need of our commitment to ensuring the safety of residents, their families, associates and all who contact those within our community.

We are doing everything possible to provide the best possible care during this pandemic and have taken every precaution to keep our seniors and staff safe during this unprecedented time. We have ensured necessary supplies and equipment are available at our communities and care centers and are testing and taking care of those who need treatment. We have implemented multiple safety procedures ( and work tirelessly to provide comfort, care and support.

In addition, we have provided additional staff for treatment, created COVID-19 locations for those testing positive for the virus and have sought to communicate with anyone having a concern through daily and weekly phone calls, e-mails, and video sessions. We realize what a tremendous effect this
pandemic is upon resident, families, and staff and are doing our best to provide daily updates on our website regarding this situation.

While the present situation is dire, it will get better in time if we continue to work as hard as we can and do everything possible to make things better. That is our commitment to you.


Alexander C. Markowits, LNHA


” I just wanted to thank you and all of your staff at Spring Hills for caring for my mom and dad during this COVID-19 crisis. This has been a crazy time for all of us, but especially those of you who do a great service to me and my family by caring for them in my absence. You have gone to great lengths to protect the residents while being fully aware that you are also at risk. Thank you for that. Thank you for dealing with all the changes that have been required to go about business “as usual.” We all know that it is NOT usual and that the changes have surely been stressful for all of you. I have talked with my parents many times by phone. I have also had a video chat with them, ‘thanks to Ruth back in Spring Cottage, who set it up for us. They are doing well, and it is nice to know that I can rest at night knowing that someone is there watching out for them.”