How to Create Emotional Ads that Move People to Act

It doesn’t have to be, though! Lots of experts love this field because actions drive results. It’s quantitative. As PPC specialists, we are often focused on the numbers – impressions, bids, conversions, bounce rates. We forget to tap into the right side of our brains – our intuition, emotion, and subjectivity. We find ourselves trapped in the left side of the brain with our logic, analytics, and objection. But the surprising truth is, our PPC campaigns can be wildly improved through the use of emotional ads.

What happens if we take an entirely different approach to PPC and find out how emotions trigger the searcher to react? Are we more likely to click on an ad that is comical or one that instills shock? How about one that is emotionally driven with anger?

We dug into the data inside hundreds of client accounts to determine the four key emotions that are especially successful in leading to clicks and conversions. Over the past few months, I’ve tested ad copy that instilled each of these four emotional drivers across various sectors and industries – really running the gamut from medical practices to online clothing retailers to personal disability lawyers. My findings have been intriguing, and I was able to draw some very obvious trends from the testing.

In this blog post, I’ll show you why these four emotions – anger, disgust, affirmation, and fear – work so well to drive PPC results, as well as how to put them to work in ads that get crazy-high engagement, with lots of real-life examples.