Becoming More Independent in Memory Care

Poet’s Walk makes every effort to provide around-the-clock care for your loved one. Only by providing 24/7 attention can we ensure they are leading a life that is as satisfactory as possible. In partnering with Trending Technology through our unique Signature Trends program, we are able to monitor the daily activity of our residents in a non-invasive way. This helps provide families with the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the level of memory care they require.

Innovative Technology to Support Memory Care with Trending Technology

Trending Technology is a customizable safety monitoring system that allows our residents to continue leading independent and fulfilling lives. Using no camera or microphones, this system secures the privacy of our residents, while helping avoid hospital admittance or re-admittance.

Placed throughout the home or suite, the Trending Technology devices monitor daily activities of the resident, alerting caregivers in real-time of any changes in habits. Daily activities that can be tracked include:

  • Sleeping habits
  • Bathroom activity
  • Shower sensor
  • Getting into and out of bed

When a change is detected, the device sends a notification to the caregiver, who can then carry out proper intervention steps, all while keeping the resident’s family informed. This means a better quality of care that helps your loved one lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Family Engagement Offers You Insight into Your Loved One’s Daily Activities

With Family Engagement you will have 24/7 access to the private family portal through any web-enabled device:

  • View specific activities your loved one has attended, as well as upcoming community events.
  • Access community newsletters, recreation calendars and weekly menus.
  • Add personalized details about your loved one.
  • Enjoy Memorable Moments where you can see photos & videos of your loved uploaded by staff, as well as upload your own photos & videos that you would like shared with your loved one.
  • View the Family Engagement Gallery which showcases moments of joy created throughout the community.
  • Utilize two-way communication through your preferred method of notification when there are messages to view in Family Engagement

“I made it in! This is so cool. Today I saw him working a puzzle, painting a picture and interacting with others more than he has in a long, long, time! The change in 2 days is amazing. His days are busy and he has purpose. I was so anxious that the change would be too much for him and it has turned out to be the best thing that could happen. The staff is highly trained and this is a true calling and not just a job. They have not only been wonderful to Dad but also to me. My stress is fading away and I can relax knowing that Dad is in very good care!” – Resident Family Member

Electronic Health Records is Cutting Edge Technology for Outstanding Care

Our organization is committed to providing better quality care by spending more individualized time with our residents, ensuring the best care and support that each of them deserves. With Electronic Health Records we have been successful at catching respiratory infections and UTI’s before they escalate. This proactive approach decreases discharges and hospitalization stays by 20 days.

Electronic Health Records benefits include:

  • Streamlined, paperless, clinical documentation.
  • Electronic Medication Administration Record.
  • Resident quality improvement.
  • Seamless and HIPPA compliant transition of records to other
    healthcare providers as needed.
  • Reduction in discharges.
  • Decreased length of hospitalization stays

To learn more about Trending Technology, Family Engagement, Electronic Health Records and our memory care facilities by contacting us today.