PAW Program

Wagging Tails Make Smiling Faces

Therapeutic Activities for Elderly Residents at Poet’s Walk

A growing body of evidence indicates that interacting with pets promotes physical and psychological benefits. At Poet’s Walk, we’re all about anything that improves the health and quality of life for your loved one. That’s why our Pets Are Welcome (PAW) Program is so purrfect!

For senior citizens struggling with life events beyond their control, such as illness or the death of a friend, an affectionate nuzzle or lick from a fuzzy companion could prove lifesaving.

Those coping with the aging process—or residents who simply love animals—can find added comfort because we keep pets on the premises and welcome family pets.

Studies suggest that pets help lower blood pressure and triglyceride counts more than their counterparts who do not own pets. A handful of studies point to more smiling and alertness among seniors—some with forms of dementia are known to be less aggressive and more tolerant when interacting with an animal.

We have witnessed firsthand that this type of recreation therapy for elderly residents is just what the doctor ordered—plus, it’s fun to play with a furry friend. Let us know how we can accommodate your paws!

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