Top Apps for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens today are more active and have access to new and better technology. Many senior citizens can be seen riding a mobility scooter instead of wheel chairs, listening to iPods while brisk walking, and even using smartphones to stay in touch with their loved ones. While there surely are seniors who are hooked to games like Clash of Clans or Farmville, there are apps available that should be present in every senior’s phone. Check these out and see which you or your loved ones have already.

  1. Blood Pressure Monitor
    This app does as advertised: it monitors blood pressure and communicates the results to health care providers easily and conveniently. With Blood Pressure Monitor, which seniors can download the Apple App store, the app gives statistical information that can cover a lifetime. It also features reminders and visual data as well as email import/export services for easy communication.
  2. Find My iPhone
    For seniors who are having a hard time keeping track of their smartphones, Find My iPhone will make it easier for them. A great feature of this app is the ability to let you lock the device if it is beyond your reach. This app is not only for seniors but for all iPhone owners. How often has you finished watching an hour long T.V. show, head to the kitchen for a snack, and find your phone missing? Instead of scavenging the house, you can use this app to find out it was in the sofa the whole time.
  3. ShopWell and Fooducate
    These apps are free for iOS and Android and help seniors match healthy food to their health and nutrition needs. Once all the information is uploaded it will create a grocery list you can take to the store. A great feature of this app is its ability to give alternatives when the suggested food is unavailable.  Fooducate is a great alternative to ShopWell. According to their website, the app is designed to help users change their diet, monitor progress, and get support from the community.
  4. Pill Monitor
    Make sure you do not forget to take important medication with Pill Monitor. The app allows users to schedule reminders for time and date for various medications. This is a great app for seniors who need reminders when to take their pills. It is available in Android and iOs.
  5. Voice Reading
    If you’re one of those seniors who get tired reading long emails or text, the Voice Reading app is for you. It will read your texts shared from other apps, URLs and other text files. This is great when you’ve misplaced your specs.
  6. Crossword
    Crossword is a great way to keep the mind occupied and sharp. Aside from this, it will also nourish cognitive skills and train memory. There are paid and free versions of crossword apps both for iOS and Android devices.
  7. iBooks
    Books can keep seniors from getting bored and can help give our lives a fresh perspective. This e-book app is developed by Apple and has lots of titles in store for free or for purchase. Keep up with the latest best sellers for both fiction and non-fiction with this app.
  8. Eye Reader
    Seniors can turn their iPhones into a magnifying glass with Eye Reader. Simply download the app and hold the camera over the text. You will be able to see a magnified version on your phone for easier reading.
  9. Check
    Improve financial planning with the Check app. It is a great app for any kind of financial budgeting, especially for retirement. The app can get info from other sources such as savings, credit card and bills. It will also know when your bills are due.
  10. NPR
    This is great if a senior does not have access to newspapers of if they missed their favorite news show. The NPR app will give you access to the NPR website so you can catch up on the news. Other great apps to download for news include CNN, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.